A man shall always honor his woman, his flag, and his pride.


Motivation and Rain

“We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

Oddly enough, I noticed this quote yesterday while working out in the Rice gym.  I stood, thinking about what I just read for a second, and realized how much truth this holds.  We are identified, by ourselves and by others, not for what we think we are but by what are actions say we are.  Actions speak the truth, no matter how deceitful our thoughts may be to us.  For me, excellence shall not be an act I commit when its easy, but a part of everything I do, always.

The many prayers in Texas have finally been answered, receiving rain today for the first time in around 100 days!  The trees, I’m sure, are sucking up as much water as their roots can grasp, and the creeks are carrying a bit more than just human wastewater.  The ranchers and livestock will be relieved to see pastures green again, if at least just for a couple days.  I was very thankful this morning for the cool air on my face, a tell tale sign to me of a good shower to come.  Keep praying for more rain.

Follow the Lord.