It takes a lot to irritate me, but when you tell someone you are going to do something, you better keep your word if you respect yourself and expect to be respected back.  Let me just say, don’t ever use L&K Sand and Gravel in Port Lavaca, Tx.

So after L&K decided they didnt want to cooperate, I found Inglesias Sand and Gravel on Hwy 87, and two hours later he was dumping 14 yards of red gravel on VH Ranch.  We had two major mud holes on the road that needed to be filled, and they took nearly all 14 yards.  We used a tractor with front end loader and box blade to move the material and smooth it out.  I think that the red gravel is going to settle a good bit, but for now the holes are filled in nice and the Cabooses will be accessible by all vehicles.  The VH Club work hosses also finished digging post holes for the perimeter fence using the auger.  It was real nice to cool off in the horse trough and enjoy a cold cerveza after the day’s hard work.  We had an excellent turn out with lots of working hands the help out.  I am very glad to see the VH Club be such a success thus far, and I am appreciative to have such willing men to help out.

We have received only sparse rain in the last couple weeks, and I am still praying for a heavy tropical rain.  The bull on the ranch has had a very busy spring, and the number of calves on the ground show it.  We also had a strong fawn crop this year, with several does still supporting twins.  On Saturday evening, I saw 15 deer on a quick drive, all of which were does.  They do not appear to eating much of the protein feed yet, but I hope they will get on it soon.

I am already looking forward to the cooler months.

Follow the Lord.