Low Impact Development

I finally made it out to the residential development site I will be working on in North Houston.  This 2000 acre development is underway, and it is my research playground!  Last Friday I visited the site to see the property and get a layout of the land.  The development is at the intersection of Spring Creek and I45, just south of the Woodlands, and very closely resembles the Woodlands when it first began in the ’70s.  There are four main channels that drain North into Spring Creek, with deep incisions into the silty sand soil.  The majority of this property is dense pineywood forest, with different varieties of hardwoods closer to the creek.  The purpose of the study on this development is to assess the water quality and quantity of Low Impact Development (LID).  A unique scenario is presented at the site, as the Eastern end is to be developed first, followed by the Western end at a later date.  Thus, the site allows for direct comparison between developed and undeveloped conditions in the same watershed.  I will be collecting baseline grab samples along the four channels that drain into Spring Creek.  Estimations of water level and velocity will be done at the site, along with measurements of DO and pH, then the grab samples will be taken back to the lab for analysis of TSS, Nitrite, Nitrate, and e coli.  This baseline data will be used to assess how water quality and quantity is impacted by Low Impact Development, and I will tie it together with a couple other LID projects around Houston.  I am very excited that things are moving!

Congratulations to Kalli for all the developments in her world!  She is amazing for everything she can accomplish.

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