Predator Camo vs. Mossy Oak BreakUp

I have discovered the best way to distract your focus from work, making yourself extremely unproductive… Start thinking about your Elk bow hunt next September.  A big trip always means new gear, so the first thing I got was a pair of Keen Erickson hiking boots.  Next was to look at my wardrobe a decide I needed a new camo pattern, but which one?  I read reviews and looked at picture comparisons on numerous threads, and decided I wanted to get a pattern that aimed to break up the human silhouette.  First I wanted Realtree MAX-1, but then I wanted NaturalGear.  Finally, I saw so many debates about whether ASAT or Predator was better, so I figured one of these two must be the one.  I ended up going with the Predator mostly because of cost, but also because I like the pattern and couldn’t get over the ‘un-natural’ appearance of ASAT.  So I ordered a WarpKnit jacket in the Brown Deception color and a pair of Polyester Pants in the Green Deception.  The quality of the product may be a little sub-par, but they are without defects and I love they way they look!  I decided I wanted to take some pictures of the Predator Camo and compare it to my old Mossy Oak BreakUp to see which hides by silhouette better from a deer’s perspective.  I took several pictures from about 20 yards and about 10 yards with different vegetation in the backdrop, and converted the pictures to black and white when I got home.  I did not alter anything else in these pictures, and will show the color version as well.

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I am not really pleased with the quality of these pictures, but to the credit of me and my beautiful assistant, the sun was going down much faster than we expected and we were not really prepared.  I would like to do a part two of this camo comparison, which will be more though out and will include more camo patterns as well.  Does anyone have any suggestions?

Overall, I am still thrilled about my new Predator camo!  From these pictures I can definitely tell that the Brown Deception works best when there is something light behind me, either sky, grass, or bare wood.  I will have to be careful with this pattern to not stand infront of a solid green backdrop, such as the cedar tree in these pictures.  The Green Deception blends in everywhere and does an excellent job of breaking up the silhouette.  The Mossy Oak did a good job as well, and has an edge over the Predator when against a more solid backdrop.  However, I think that the Predator will be an all around stealth killer when arrowing a big 6×6 in the San Juan Mountains!