Mathews Z7 Stabilizer Comparison

It is mid summer in Texas again, which means Fall is just around the corner.  Naturally, I begin training for my next Colorado Elk hunt mentally, physically, and for accuracy.  I believe that the first two training items I listed are the foremost important to hunting success in the Colorado wilderness, but the third is addicting.  Similar to the game of golf, where I attempt endlessly to replicate how “Lefty” consistently hits the ball within 5 feet from 160 yards out, I try everything I can to hit the 12 ring every time from 40 yards.

This year my gear-junkie mind decided that I needed a new stabilizer for my Mathews Z7 that reduced bow jump and helped by hold the pin steady at longer distances.  Initially, I wanted to get a Fuse Carbon Blade Hunter like Cameron “Beast Mode” Hanes shoots on his Hoyt, but I also read lots of great things about B Stinger Stabilizers.  Right away I headed to the local bow shop, which happened to carry both stabilizers I was interested in, and they let me try them out on my bow (thanks Archery Country!).  After shooting several groups with both stabs, I started leaning towards the B Stinger.  I felt like it held a lot steadier while aiming and kept the bow steadier after the shot, and my groups reflected this!  I was sold, I had to get one.

I ended up purchasing an 8 inch B Stinger Pro Hunter with 8 oz. weight on the end.  This was heaver than the 4 oz. weight I shot at the shop, but I figured I could get used to it and that the extra weight would help stabilize even more.

After receiving the stab, I couldn’t wait to hit the full range and test the B Stinger beyond 20 yards.  On the range, I switched back and forth between my old LimbSaver S-Coil and the new B Stinger Pro to see if I could feel a difference in the aim stability, vibration, bow jump, and arrow groups.  At first, I wasn’t sure if the 8 oz. was helping me the same way the 4 oz. was at the bow shop, and I thought maybe there was the slightest vibration that I didn’t feel with the LimbSaver.  After shooting a bunch, I feel the difference in vibration is so minimal, if any at all, that I would say my bow does not have more vibration with the B Stinger, even though the stab is not intended to completely dampen vibrations.  I have had the new stab on my bow for a week now and I am still getting used to the heavier weight in it, but I can definitely tell my aim is more steady and my groups are getting tighter.  Once my arm muscles get used to the additional weight, I think I will be able to shoot lights out with the B Stinger.  I shot a 3D tournament yesterday with the B Stinger, and was pretty happy with my 299 point total, considering I forgot my binos and couldn’t see the 12 ring on some of the targets.

Anyways, the main reason for writing this post was to share a little video footage I took of the Mathews Z7 bow jump with the LimbSaver S-Coil stabilizer vs. the B Stinger Pro Hunter.  The video is posted here on YouTube:

It is hard to tell the difference in full speed, but when I slow it down and show them back to back, you can tell the B Stinger really helps minimize bow movement after the shot.  So far, I love my B Stinger and won’t be looking back any time soon!

Follow the Lord.


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